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Section/elevation window status changing?

Jason Russell
I am currently working on a large complex project in a teamwork environment of 4 technicians. We are having a reoccurring problem with section/elevation windows which are in a drawing (2D) status automatically converting back to a model (3D) status and we are there for loosing 2D data. This has occurred randomly on three occasions now when we open up a section/elevation window through view sets in Navigator.

Has anyone experienced these errors? Is this a known problem? Is there a solution to stop this error?

Jason Russell

AC 8.1 R1
Athlon 3Ghz, 1GB Dual DDR Ram

Mike Hann
When I disconnect sections I routinely follow some basic steps to assure that I don't loose 2d information. First I move all of the lines, fill etc. to another layer, then cut everything to the clipboard, and paste it back to the same location. Archicad has the ability to rebuild (display - section/elevations - rebuild) sections after they are unlinked. Unfortunately when this is done anything drawn on the original layers is replaced with what is generated from the model, although the section is still unlinked. This is useful for updating changes that have occurred since unlinking the model, but only if you have taken the above mentioned steps to protect your 2d data.
Mike Hann

OSX 10.6
MacBook Pro 3.06/4 GB RAM

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