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Selection of elements for editing across multiple windows


I'm new to Archicad so still trying to understand how to work with it.

If I have a plan and a section/ elevation/ 3D open together, is there a way for me to select an element in plan or section and then with it selected flick to one of the other view types and still see it selected there? Often I want to select something in section but then want to edit it in plan but I lose my selection as soon as I move from the section view to the plan view.


Hello aditi,

You say true, it is better to understand the functioning of a tool rather than to look in it for the functions of another tool : this will allow you to get the most out of your design software.

I think you should be interested in this essential function of Archicad :

By this way you are able to modify into a view and check it by another view.
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Oh very cool! Thanks I'll try this!

You can also try the selections palette, which allows you to save object selections and apply then in any view and stores them for future selection. Not exactly what you want, but I find it quite useful.

Also, if You come from a revit or Autocad 3d background, You probably will be annoyed by this shortcoming for a while, as i was, until you realize that you dont actually need it that much because you can do most of your edits in 3d with the same presicion and ease as in plan or section view. I also recommend exploring the marquee tool which multiplies your 3d editing ability by orders of magnitude. You can also take advantage of isolating selections for further editing by pressing the f5 key while selected.

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