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Setting Default Font for everything

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Hi Everyone,
Is there a place where I can set the
font once for everything. In other words,
a default font, not the size just the Font.
In the office I'm at they use the same font
for everything. I'm tired of having to set it
for Dims, then again for a label, a Title,
a note . . etc.
I looked under Work Environment, and
Preferences but nothing appeared.
Thank you.

There is no global place to set a default font. But this is something that can be set once for each item type, either in a template file, or as a favorite, and then you never have to think about it again.
Richard Morrison, Architect-Interior Designer
AC25 (since AC6.0), Win10

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Hi Richard,
Thanks for letting me know. I was
using Favorites. but I thought there
was a central place (or file) that held default
settings that I could go to and modify.
Thanks again, have a good week.

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This too bad... After 10 years of using only 2 fonts in Archicad, Adobe as done something to reader that has effectively broken one of those fonts... It is a chore to hunt down and replace that font in all the locations in a file... Sure the new template is fine but anything else takes a lot of work...

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We running AC 20 on a Windows platform and use a font called "Graphite Light ATT" for dimensions, notes, text, etc. Any time we alter the text, it reverts to "Graphite Light ATT western" which is the Mac version of the font. This started happening after the file was opened on a Mac. Any ideas how we can stop this from happening?

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