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Settings To Opening Reference don't match




So I'm having this problem lately where the "opening reference" is set to 0, and this is as it should be in the floorplans. However, in 3D it shows a huge gap. Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm currently using Archicad 24.


See added pictures for a better understanding.


Thanks in advance!



Looking at the windows in 3D, I saw that they were in the wrong position as well, not just the door. Something tells me that the problem here is with the wall. Is that a Complex profile wall or just composite? If you use Pickup parameter tool to redraw the 2 windows and 1 door on a new Simple structure wall, will it happen also?

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DKO Architecture - HCM

Barry Kelly

I would suspect one or two things.


1. is it in a complex profile wall as Minh has asked?

If so the opening reference lines in the complex profile may not have been set properly.


2. Is is a custom saved door/window object.

If so it may not have been created properly with the slabs set at zero height.



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You're right! It's a complex wall, I changed it myself so that's probably the problem. I'll look it up how to change the opening reference line of a complex wall 🙂

Jeff Galbraith

Yeah, it looks like custom door and window objects not set at the right elevation when created.  Were these created with Library Part Maker?  


The windows also appear to be on the outside of the wall in plan, but on the inside of the wall in 3D...

Jeff G

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