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Shadows of a building like fill ins

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I wonder if it is possible to get the shadows of a building an treated like fill ins to edit and change the color and appearance.

Steve Jepson
I would like a lot more control over shadows and backgrounds in ArchiCAD.
As it is, we need to generate the shadows separately if we want to get creative with them.
And it would be great to have gradient fills for use in backgrounds. Take a look at the shadows and gradients in this image from another program. I don't know if this is done in that program, with lots of workarounds, ??

I could do this with ArchiCAD the hard way. I wish it were easier to do in ArchiCAD.

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Can anyone please clarify this point. I did a search on the forum and It isn't clear to me if it is possible to get shadows of a building in plan view or in elevation so we can after change their colours, etc...

Erwin Edel
You can copy your elevation, paste it and find & select the shadow fill and then change it to whatever you want.

Or make a worksheet of the elevation to do the same.

For a floor plan you could use a 3D document top down to get the shadows and copy paste again.

Sadly this is all 2D work that is unlinked.

Maybe with graphic overrides you can manipulate some colours, but I am not sure.
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