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Show Header Height on Window Stamp

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Hi All,

I've just started trying to learn GDL and on the Archicad Users Facebook group there was a user requesting to have the header height for a window show up in the stamp in plan, and/or in elevation. It might be the version of my Archicad stamp or GDL parts, but I don't think it is possible to show this within my given settings. Perhaps this is not a standard in architectural drawings, perhaps not when one can simply show the object's dimensions and add the sill height, or that the sill is easier to obtain than a header for a constructor...

If not, and I wanted to attempt to create this setting in a stamp, how would I do this? I've been able to open the stamp from the 'edit object by subtype' command and I've found the parameter options where the show 'sill height' option is available, and I've tried to make new entries copying those parameters.

This is where I get lost. First, I'm not sure if this alone would be enough to make something work in the parameters section of the Stamp. Second, it doesn't seem as if the parameters I'm trying to copy will work either, if not they will likely be the wrong parameters or setup as the sill height is set to calculate from the anchor point– if that will be from the wall base or top, I'm not sure. And as one of the Array Values in the sill setting is configured to 'Anchor,' I'm not sure I can input this value, at least in this portion of the interface, much less if it again, would be the correct one. So, I'm not sure what to do, if it is possible, or where to look to find answers.

To date, I'm not sure I've ever seen anything specificy dealing with how to work with the parameters section. With a little bit of looking, I've also found–I think it's called a Global Value– called Wido_Head_Height, but I'm not sure what to do with it, or where. I went back and opened up the Window to it's parameters page, and beyond, and I don't see where this is or might be used.

Any advice on what to do or where to look?

Thank you in advance.

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