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Site Plan - Show roof only

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I've been tying to get my site plan to show the roof only instead of the first floor walls etc. without changing the view's story, is there a model view option or something that I can use? Thanks

Not easily. You can choose to show your roof on all stories, but that will affect all plans.

It may be better to overlay the roof from the roof story as a separate drawing on the layout.

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Eduardo Rolon
You can create a "3D Document" for the site plan.
• Go to the 3D Window
• Edit its View Settings to show as Floor Plan
• Save as 3D Doc
eduardo rolón AIA NCARB
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Barry Kelly
Is it as simple as setting up a layer combination for your site plan?
Turn the roof layer on and the wall layer off?

Save a view of this for each storey and overlay them on a layout page if you need a multistorey view as Link suggested.


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Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated, I'll try out each of them and see which goes best for me.

I saw someone manipulating the floor plan cut plane settings, but I can't seem to get it to work... dunno if it's possible.

Anyways I'll stick to something simple and straight forward for now.

Hi Guys,
I'm quite new to Archicad so still getting used to it's quirks and terminology. This issue had been bothering me for ages but I've managed to find a workaround with help from my tutor. In the Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings I've chosen a height which is above the level of my roof and I've also set Relative Floor Plan Range to be e.g. 2 stories above. With these settings and a cover fill I can now see my roof on my site plan. Hope this help anybody coming to this post.
Tom Ackerman
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