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Site modeling from PDF and Location in GIS


Hi All,


I have one pdf drawing, it is Master plan for project. How I can create site model from this pdf drawing and Location of project?

Then How I can place IFC model to calculate of dig dirt?

Please check in this link below for pdf drawing?





Nader Belal

Hi Hoa,


Lucky you that few months ago, I was facing a similar problem, and I managed to create a 3D mesh model from Vector Saved PDF.

Give me few hours and I will send it to you, but you will have to make your own revisions, and model other stuff on your own (for example: the RIP-RAP).


PM me with your email please, and tell me which AC version are you using.

A good friend of mine have once told me that I´m so brute that I´m capable of creating a GDL script capable of creating GDLs.


The actual process to make the model would be to extract vector data from the PDF. If it is a vector PDF, that is easy. Though depending on how it was made, you might need to cull the number of nodes. If it is not, then you would need to trace them yourself...

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I just make Soild layer and import IFC model

Now How I can make excavation for foundation?

Please check in my file (AC25)




There may be some things in this thread to help you...


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