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Skylights 2D

I have created a custom skylight along with a custom 2D script, however, the script is ignored and a 3D projection is my object is shown. When I check the legacy option for the 'roof and skyligh't my parts display the written 2D script. How can I control the 2D representation of my skylights without altering the legacy options?
Michael Wilson

ArchiCAD 9 - 22 (6021 AUS Full)
Win7 | 64 bit | 8Gb RAM | Intel i7 3.40 Ghz

Found the answer. To quote:

"Symbol Attributes are effective only if the Floor Plan Display of Single-plane Roofs and their Skylights option is set to Symbolic (Legacy page of Project Preferences)"

This tells me ArchiCAD wants you to use projected display for skylights in single plane roofs. Not sure why.
Bruce Walker

-- since v8.1 --
AC22 6025 INT Full | macOS Mojave 10 | 3.2 GHz Intel Xeon W | 32 Gb RAM | Radeon Pro Vega 56 8 Gb

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