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Slabs and floor plan cut plane


How do you stop slab elements that are above the floor plan cut plane from appearing on plan views? For example we have window reveals and other elements that are very high up (way above the cut plane), but are still appearing on the plan view despite setting the cut plane and range. Any thoughts?


Cheers, Nik


Barry Kelly

Slabs don't react to Floor Plan Cutting Planes.

They don't have the ability to be symbolic, projected or overhead as other elements do.

I do wish there was consistency for all tools (goes the same for show on storeys).


I would add them into a "Slabs - 3D" layer, so you can turn them of in your floor plan layer combination, but leave them on for your section, elevation and 3D layer combinations (when ever you want to see them).




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Thanks Barry, that's what I suspected.


It's very frustrating that you can't simply create a cut plane and see exactly what you would see if the model were cut at this point. We spend so much time playing around with layers, display order, cut/projected/overhead settings, etc just to get the plan to look the way it should. I guess it's the same reason that solid element operations don't show in plan, which also drives us crazy!



I only use slabs for floors and ceilings.

i use objects or other tools so that i can control them better with the cut plane.

doing so results in less time messing with things for sure. all about reducing keytrokes!

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That’s right Nik, using ‘projected/projected with overhead/cut only’ is so 2010. Please make it possible to see exactly what is cut by the cutting plane, like Revit. What you see is what you get.

The way you look at walls, slabs, columns, etc. needs not to be defined by the object but by the view. 

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