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Smooth stair railing



I'm pretty new here. I'm searching for days, for ways to make a smooth stair railing. 

It should be pretty simple, a solid railing smoothly going from horizontal to diagonal and following the bottom of the stairs/floor. 
The Archicad 21 demo video made it look so incredibly easy. however, its a video.


Does someone have a clue?

I'm trying to make this in this staircase.

I tried to do it with beams, but they cannot follow a curve and go up in the meantime. doing it with a wall, makes a smooth transition also hard to achieve?

Schermafbeelding 2022-02-17 om 09.11.13.png


Hello Rutgerdrum,


Did you try with a railing complex profile ?

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I've all but given up on the railing tool. It's really cool with great features. I love it for quick no frills banisters, fences, site walls, and even used it for a rail road track. But when it comes to specific designs, model primitives work better, IMO. The stair you are showing there, with the curve. I would just use walls, and model the top with a mesh as an operator to trim the wall. I'm sure I'm going to get flamed for saying this, but I only recommend the stair and railing tool when "good enough" is your goal.

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Check your Connection Type for your top rail / rail?

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Thanks all! I've tried the connection types for hours and hours, but when one problem was solved, another one appeared. Tried the solution  of 4d proof. and it seems to work the best. 

Schermafbeelding 2022-02-23 om 10.32.33.png

 Good enough for now, however. how do i smoothen transitions even more? do i need more in between steps in the mesh?

it would  be good if there was something like a "fillet" that would operate in the Z-axis, instead of X of Y. 

Schermafbeelding 2022-02-23 om 10.32.33.png


so interesting it is this hard, whilst AC21 is advertising with it on the front page. Guess misinformation is not something new? 😉 

yeah, more segmentation in the mesh operator, and just massage it around until it's smooth. You can use the multiply command to place hotspots to snap the mesh nodes to evenly around the curve, then figure out the distance between the transition at teh slope and the level wall, and elevate the nodes equal distances based on the number of nodes around the curve; that may be the most technical way to get it smooth


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Do You Know this? Its german, but turn off the sound and watch, play forward and back and You will understand anyway:  


To get it - just mousedraw this into Your Archicad-Editor:


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