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So, how much 3d and 2d do you do?

Hi all, after seeing again some videos from Mr. Tim Ball (absolutely great stuff), i was wondering, how much 2d and 3d do you guys do? personally, i decided a couple of years ago to go along with Archicad rules and sacrificed some of our CAD office standards with the intention of not having to draw anything ever again except maybe for details, which most of them are standard (we dont do too much fancy stuff).

We are still very far away from the level of Mr. Ball, but we try that if something is seen in a plan or section, it gets modeled, at least in a rudimentary way. The amount of time we have liberated from NOT having to worry about the integrity and coordination of all plans, model, takeoffs and renders is of course spent in worrying about tiny minute details and generating more sections and isometrics than needed, but at least its an option we didnt have in the past .

still, we are not as efficient as we could be. Has someone found out if its truly better to model everything in 3d or have you found a sweetspot between 3d and 2d?

jl_lt wrote:
Has someone found out if its truly better to model everything in 3d or have you found a sweetspot between 3d and 2d?
Have a look at the Videos and Webinars of the Dutch reseller "Kubus": They show absolutely fantastic stuff.
I watched some of their webinars, and while I don't understand a single word of dutch I still enjoyed it.
They do most things in 3D but also make use of a lot custom but well made objects, especially for detailing and it was a real "aha!" moment for me.
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Yeah, our Dutch / Belgian subscription library is very handy. Quite often I see people asking for library parts on the forum and think 'but that is available in the library' only to find out it is made by Kubus. Also funny how germans have more trouble with understanding Dutch than we have understanding German . If you look at youtube videos you can get automatic translated subtitles though. I use those for Russian videos for example!

Our 1:5 scale details are all 2D fills, lines and library parts. We check these by tracing sections using trace & reference or the other way around when needed: make sure that the model follows the details where needed.

Our section and elevation output is all 3D, only 2D is annotation. In the floor plan we might mask out an unwanted line now and then, but it is also for the most part derived from the model with only 2D annotation.

Typical output is from the 3D model:
- 1:200 scale for schematic drawings for permits: zoning, fire safety, etc
- 1:100 scale for initial design and permit output
- 1:50 scale for contract documentation

Some door / window schedules might get a 2d line here and there where we need to show an extra material like a sill that runs up the frame in natural stone.

Anything you draft up in 2D in elevation or section takes about the same time to put in a morph or complex profile and that will make it 3D. Also with full BIM projects you really need the 3D information. Sadly you are also often 'dumbing' things down to pull apart windows and trim around the windows and so on.

There definitely is such a thing as ArchiCAD styled preliminary design, where you make use from the out of the box options to quickly get a model that is close enough for the time being. Then again, in old fashioned 2D there were also tricks to get quick output.
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>90 % in 3D.
Best regards

Thanks for your answers! we'll keep trying to improve

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