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Sort library by Subtype view

Electric Flute
In the Object Settings dialog box, there is a option to browse the library by object subtype. Although the IFC entity structure isn`t the best, it's great to keep objects on the same subject folder, even if they are actually in different file folders in your PC. So, no need to browse at different places looking for the same type of objects. It's like what Microsoft Windows made it's way with "Libraries" in File Explorer.

Ok, but to organize and change a subtype of an object, we need to open it and edit it. That's the problem, since many object comes with a password for protection. I wish we could chance subtype objects easily, so we can organize a library by subtype, not by file folders.
AC26 > AC5 - Win10

Barry Kelly
Be careful if you are changing the object subtype.
Each subtype comes with a pre-defined set of variables so as you change sub-types you may find your objects stops working if it actually uses those variables.

You can add key words to an objects and then you can use the search field to find them.
The problem with this is you can't edit the object at all if it is password protected, so can't add key words.
I really wish the password protection would only lock the scripts and not the parameters, subtype & keywords .


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What about just exploding the lcf's adjusting the folder structure to you needs?
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