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Spiral Stair

Ghassan Kanaan

Is it possible to have the same start point and endpoint for a Spiral Stair ? Wich means an angle of rotation of 360º. I didn't work. 



No, has to be split into two in my experience

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AC 24, Twinmotion current, Windows 11, Msi 10UG with rtx 3070, wacom intuos pro m, Wacom Cintiq Pro 16, razer Tartarus pro.

Screenshot (2).pngCan you please explain your method of splitting the spiral stair in order to avoid that gap between the start and endpoints.

Thank you


Some years ago, i tried to solve this in GDL and it went really far, but i didnt get it to a really usable end, because i wanted to put in far too much possibilities.


But - the "core-idea" of it, in fact -  is working so far pretty smooth and if someone in the world would like to finnish this spiral stair - just jump in and code on it.


AC25EduAut - version



AC5.5-AC25EduAut, PC-Win10, MacbookAirM1

Thank you very much for that interesting video. Unfortunately the pln file you joined here bugs every time I try to open it. 

I tried to download it for my dropbox like everyone else and opend it from my running Archicad25 Edu-Aut-Version - no bugs - everything ok.


AC5.5-AC25EduAut, PC-Win10, MacbookAirM1

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