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Stop archicad from selecting the floor

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Hi everyone

Is there a way to stop archicad from selecting the slab and only select walls or doors in a floor plan?
I could do that in Revit and it was very practical, it avoids me from moving the floor by accident.


I assume you have set a layer combination in your view settings. In the layer combination settings you can set the floor layer as locked to stop it being edited or moved, or to stop it being selected completely turn the layer off. If you want the display changes to be "permanent" for the view don't forget to [Update] the layer combination settings.
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Barry Kelly
Turn the 'Quick Selection' (magnet) off so that you have to select an edge or node rather than a surface.
You can always hold the space bar as a toggle to temporarily turn it on if you want to select a surface.
Or leave it on if you prefer and select by edges and nodes anyway - they will tack preference over a surface.

Or activate a tool (wall, slab, roof, door, etc.) and hold SHIFT when selecting.
Then Archicad will select that element before any others.

Don't forget you also have the TAB to cycle through multiple overlapping elements.
And holding SHIFT highlights elements instantly so you can see what will be selected.


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Thanks a lot, this was quite useful

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You can toggle the Quick Selection mode on the fly by holding down the Space button.

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