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Stop surfaces joining in 3D?

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Good afternoon guys, quick question..

Im trying to get columns and beams made from the same complex profile with the same surface to not intersect in 3D. I would like to see the edges of all members and also the X as per my complex profile timber member. heres what I have currently:

open GL 3d: (my 3d style has contours turned on)

here what i would like:

complex profile:

I presume you have them on different layers, then give each layer a different number in front.

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Barry Kelly
You should find in section that the cross is there.
In 3D you need to use different surfaces.
Because a profile uses Building Materials only for the ends of the profile, you will have to duplicate the building material and use the different one for each adjacent quadrant of the plate (cross).
Each of your building materials will have to use a different surface material.
They can be the same material but duplicated wit a slightly different name.


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