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Surface / Visual Glitch

Sam Parish
We have a couple of projects where there have been some weird graphical issues when saving views with window sizes larger than the monitor size.

In the 3d model everything seems fine, you can move around and all of the textures are displayed correctly from all angles. When the window size is increased and saved to a view, to create a sharper image for putting on a layout one of the surfaces starts displaying oddly. This is a custom surface with a simple wood grain texture. I'm not sure where the other colours have come in though we do have a composite with similar layers so not sure if it is referencing that somehow.

Has anyone had this happen to them / know a fix for it?
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Intel Core i7-6700; 32GB RAM; AMD RX480

Not a fix, but have you considered making a low-ish quality render instead?

Interior renders take a bit longer than exterior renders for us, but we just have these running in the background while we do other things and still keep the render times around max 15 minutes (depending on the surface settings) for a 195x135 mm picture at 300 dpi.

We make another seperate render for ambient occlusion to make things look a bit better in post production, but since you don't get those from the 'screenshot' method you are using now, you might not want / need that.

Attached example took 30 minutes due to the water surface taking up more calculation time (it is a house-boat project), but generally speaking if you have a lot of 'flat colour' surfaces and maybe a few wood grains, it shouldn't take too long.
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

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Sam Parish
We might have to give this a try, it's weird that the same texture is used in a number of different surfaces over a number of projects and only some of them ever have this issue.

At least this gives a quick workaround for the projects where this happens.
Windows 10 Pro 1909
Intel Core i7-6700; 32GB RAM; AMD RX480

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