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Temporary lock selection for edition


Hi! many times a day it happens that i select something in Archicad 22 (something like a slab), and just when i click on an edge to edit it it ends up selecting a completetly diferent object and have to repeat until i correctly click on that edge.


Is there a way to temporarily mantain what you have already selected so you can click on said object nodes or edges without selecting anything else?   


of course, one could isolate the object with f5, but sometimes you need context.  Im talking about pressing some key, like ctrl or alt, to acomplish this.





Brett Brown

The easiest way to select and edit anything is to have that tool active. Been like this forever.

Imac, Big Sur AC 20 NZ, AC 25 Solo UKI,

Thanks Brett, but what i mean is,once you select something is very easy to unselect it while selecting someghing else. I would like to temporaly lock what i selected to edit it wihout worrying about selecting something else by accident

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