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The fills I made for eco bricks walls aren't intersecting properly


Title self explanatory, but here's a few images of my configurations. It's also a composite wall, with plaster in both sides.


I could probably fix this by getting the proper fill origin at the corner of the wall, but for some reason Archicad doesn't do that already and I don't know how to



As bricklayer, i would not have any look at the floorplan for laying my bricks correctly, knowing my work-rules and would shake my head, looking at such a plan - for what shall this be good?


It would be nice, if Graphisoft would implement it automaticly as gimmeck, but really.... there are other things to worry about in Archicad... And i say this as a man who really tried to solve any problem here...



Think about it in reality: A bricklayer has to lay his bricks "full on edge" in the straight wall, overlapping in the corners. That means - always a full brick on the other direction on each layer. But, if the wall has a length, were it does not fit with the bricklength, he has to cut a brick some bricks before the edge to get a full corner-brick. You will never be able to solve this with an hatch. It maybe could be solved with an GDL for walladdons just for 2D. But also the Addon "has no idea", what is made on the next wall to react correctly.


But it would not be necessary in 3D for nobody could see it in the wall. 

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This will never work as a composite fill. If it is for use in details then you can adjust the origin (& rotation) within the Fill tool and place a fill on your plan or change the wall fill if you have used the Detail (or Worksheet) tool. Within a composite AC doesn’t have the coding to align that kind of fill the way you are expecting.

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