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Tile Roofs

Chris B
I have been looking for a decent roof tile object for years now, the best I can find is spanish language object called 'Toiture' but it only allows rectangular fields of tile so we have to SEO out sections to make hips or valleys.

I found an italian language object 'Tetto 3d_bs' via this thread but I can't figure out how to adjust the outline of it at all, perhaps successive versions of AC have made it out of date?

The AC roof surfacer accessory does not the sort of barrel tile I need.

It kind of blows my mind that such a simple and it would seem commonly used object has not been integrated with Ac but thats for another day..

Has anyone found any other object for this application? Or maybe someone knows the secret way to adjust the shape of either of the objects mentioned above?

Any help appreciated - thanks!
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This one perhaps...
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Chris B
fhedberg wrote:
This one perhaps...
I'll check it out - I think I did before, but perhaps not. Only issue with cad image now is ongoing monthly expense for multiple computer gets pricey. But I may need their doors and windows product anyway...
AC 24 | iMac 2014 32GB

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