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Tortoise Shell Roof

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Hi Fellow AC users,

Is there a way to create a tortoise shell roof? I have tried using a dome roof with a very large radius, but I am at a loss as to how to get the edges to have a different height along the edge curve.

I am attaching a sample photo from the new Beijing terminal 3.

I should mention that I am not a professional architect, just using this to build my own home. I am not looking for free advice or let others do my work so I am ok with fees (resonable )


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Assuming your dome is circular in plan, then to get the edge
curve in elevation, set up some slabs or walls that are straight
and SEO the roof with the slabs or walls. This is assuming
a simple geometry where the dome is squared off to form
a square in plan.
Peter Devlin

Do the dome.

Marquee the area that you need.

Save as an object.

Make sure to save the original dome as a module, should you need to edit it in the future.

ArchiCAD since 4.55 ... 1995

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rather than use the dome roof tool I would recommend using the primitive objects in folder 13 of the archicad library. I've found this easier that dealing with many facets in a large dome roof. You can easily adjust the resolution of the dome later if you use the basic shapes. If you use the dome roof tool you seem to be stuck with your original roof definition.

You will need to use SEOs to define the actual shell thickness and similarly to define the curved edges of the shell.

First determine whether the shell is closer to a spherical shape or part of an ellipsoid. Then using the basic primitive shapes find the portion of the surface that matches the curvature of your shell. copy the shell for use in SEO and carve out the underside portion.

In plan view determine where your edges need to occur using a pline or other method. Then I usually create an SEO slab object based on that edge definition and subtract the appropriate portions of the shell.

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Thanks you all. YOur replies are appreciated.

As I hate the SEOs ...

Use the Primitives, definitely. Set the basic parameters, including the shell thickness. Then, marquee the area that is your actual plan. THe marquee can be any shape - if you can't draw it, use Magic wand. See it in 3D from the top , in plan view, save as object.

Archicad will remember what is in the marquee, the rest will not be seen.

You can do this method to do any cookie cutter crazy object anyway ... I seem to remember that there is a small article by Dwight of the LightWorks fame in the first CookBook? ...

ArchiCAD since 4.55 ... 1995

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