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Trimmed wall not showing correctly in floor plan

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Hey all,
I have what seams to be a simple problem but I can not find the solution. I have a simple vertical wall which is trimmed with a roof surface, where I want to keep the part above the roof. In 3D everything looks fine, but floor plan is showing the wall without trim. Any ideas how to correctly show geometry in floor plan?

Erwin Edel
Sadly trims and SEO on walls do not display in floorplan (long standing wish!).

A trick that does work is using some of the 'wall opening' windows and setting them to projected instead of symbolic. So the window will occupy the 'negative space'. There are triangle opening windows that can be used for this. One thing to note: 'stretchable' symbol fills do not display correctly with projected windows.

Or mask away the bits you do not want to see with fills in plan view.
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

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Barry Kelly
Unfortunately, trims and Solid Element Operations do not show in plan.
You will need to doctor it up a bit with lines and fills.


Pipped at the post by Ewrin.

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Wow, this seams like a feature which had to be implemented.
Thank you guys for your fast response, I guess I will have to fix it manually.

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