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Trimming to shell

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Hi ,
I am currently studying architecture at University, I have to do an assignment using Archicad, but I am completely new at it
I have a problem figuring out how to cut the low wavy element to fit the shell perfectly (marked spot in the picture). I tried 'trim to roof/shell' tool, but nothing changed in the floor plan. What should I do?

Barry Kelly
Unfortunately trims and Solid Element Operations do not show in floor plan - they should be fine in 3D.
You have to 'fake it with fills and lines.

Or you can try to convert it all to a morph - that will show a more realistic plan view.
But once a morph it may be harder to edit if you need to change anything.
Try with a copy first - i.e. copy and paste the elements to duplicate them.

If the copy morph does work, maybe use that in plan but keep the original in 3D.
Use layers so you can see the morph in plan but the real model in 3D.
If you need to edit the real model, then do so and delete the morph.
Make a new duplicate and convert that yo a morph again.


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Basically Barry is right.
But I think there is even a better way to do this.

Create a 3D-document - directly from the plan! This is an much overlooked feature.
Go to the project map and and right click on the 3d-doc folder while in floor plan. There is now a unique option to create a 3d doc from plan.
Do that. You can change the cutting plane height later in the settings of the 3d document.
Do it again, and now "look up", and you also get an RCP for free.

Also it's faster than copying and making morphs. (Still valid option, tho)
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