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Trouble creating fascia using morph tube tool

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Attempting to create fascia trim on a simple gable roof using the morph tube tool. Even with lower roof edges perpendicular, tube tool cannot follow around the corners, it just bends in an awkward way (see image).

If the roof were horizontal (think laying on the ground flat), there would be no problem. I realize that I could make the fascia on the ground and then rotate up, but that is just no fun!

Have tried changing the editing plane, etc., but still no good. Anyone have experience with similar situation?


Steve Jepson
Unless your trying to make a special fascia with a special profile or something, use a roof for fascia. Just split off a piece the width of your fascia. The gable fascia/roof cleans up well with the eave/fascia that way.

Make a custom profile for a beam. Lots of better ways to do it than as a morph tube.

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