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Unable to make stair connection correct in both section/3d and plan


Hi there,


I'm having a problem ensuring that my stair, moreover its connection with a floor slab, is correct in both plan and section/3d.


When I stretch the slab to the touch first step, it looks correct in plan, however in section you get this ugly cut through with an overlap (highlighted in yellow):


Correct in plan, Wrong in section.jpg

 When I stretch the slab so that it works fine in 3d/section, it creates this new line that I don't want to show up in the plan (encircled in yellow):

Correct in section, Wrong in plan.jpg

I have attempted using the Solid Element Operations tool, which just seems to cause further mess, unless I have missed something out from the tool.


I hope that this is clear, and let me know if you need any other information. 


And many thanks in advance..





Try to experiment with basic stair options and change between "start with tread" vs. "start with riser". Then go to Flight Structure Settings and set the parameters for Flight-Start so the stair fits the slab and floor finish hight. It does work, but needs some tweaking. It helps if you have a section through stairs, so you can measure some needed dimensions.






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You could also create a secondary slab or roof piece matching the angle of the stairs to solid elements subtract downwards and then hide the piece doing the SEO

This is assuming the stairs have to be the way you have them drawn otherwise @Miha_M s reply is the best way to go

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If you go into Edit mode for the tread you can turn off the leading edge, though I do not recall you being able to turn off the side edges so you will still have the extension there...





Edit: actually, that is your slab... how is that bottom tread built? This is not with the inbuilt stair tool?

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