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Underfloor Heating

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I don't know, but is this possible within ArchiCAD (I know a lot can be done with the right knowledge!)?

I know there is an MEP modeller but I never looked at it or know if that would do underfloor heating pipe runs like in the plan above.

Would this be a parametric object or a 2D object or could you limit it to just a simple set of coloured lines, although that would overlook important information like 'total pipe run lengths'. I know this 'Floors (Underfloor heating and Parquet)' post mentioned 'nominate the area with a fill in plan and note what it was.' but could the fill be looped like the above image as I'm not sure that would be possible.

I'm just curious and there is only a couple of posts here about an Underfloor heating objects and the image I posted looks like could have been done in ArchiCAD.

I use MEP modeller to create hydronic layouts like these. First thing to do is to draw out the layout using polylines. Spacing must follow the calculated design. (In addition to being an Architectural Technologist I am also a licensed Mechanical designer). The with the correct parameters set (radii of pipe elbows, size etc) I use the MEP Routing dialog [Start Routing] and use the magic wand to over the polylines to model the room layout. This is repeated for each room or space.

In all it takes me about 2.5 hrs to model an average 2500 sq ft house, including the basement. The resulting axonometric drawing provides an interesting way to detail the design.
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Thanks gpowless I will look into the MEP modeller.

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