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Unify Command issues

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I imported a dwg and exploded into current view.

The selection dots for a contour line are solid black, but that contour line has multiple breaks in it as text boxes were floated on it and the existing slab covered it in areas.

I am trying to unify the line but I am not successful. I have extended the two segments, suspended groups, and attempted a Reshape\Unify.

I have even tried to unify each set of selection dots the same way thinking that the line in its current state is a collection of line segments that need to be unified first.

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Actually, maybe the Unify did work.

I just expected a different behavior. I expected the unified line to select as one, but each of the segment selects with its own selection dots.

Should it be this way or should the newly unified line select as one unit with selection dots appearing for both segments simultaneously???

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Maybe somebody can confirm.

What I noticed is that since I had already overlapped the two segments that I wanted unified, that I could not separate the two segments. But selection for each segment, though visibly unified, were not quite unified as a connecting segment had smaller selection nodes than the real nodes. I shortened these nodes back to a real node and the segments became discrete (no visible connection). Since these two segments were colinear, I then connected one real node to the other and used the unify command and it now seems to work. Although it is still possible to select individual segments as well as the whole, newly unified line.

Learning curves are fun

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
If you could post several screenshots of how those elements looked before Unify and after Unify, it would be easier to understand the exact situation and give some advice.
Laszlo Nagy, Lead Moderator, Community Admin
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