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Vertically and horizontally curved window


Hi all, I am wondering if there is a way for me to create a window between each of my beams that is curved both horizontally and vertically, or a way for me to even make a glass wall/ shell that is curved in both ways. As seen in the linked image, the red sketch is where I will need glass/ windows, around the entire cocoon shape. I have tried using the revolved shell tool to create these curved walls, but couldn't figure out how not to make the shape meet at one triangular point. I know that I can curve a wall horizontally and change the slant, but I need the vertical slant to be curved. Any help would be very much appreciated. 🙂


Hello sdavis2,


Did you try to create your own curved complex profil wall  ?


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No I haven't but that sounds like a good idea, would you be able to please send the steps in order for me to achieve this?

Thanks very much



Then just create a complex profile wall that is that shape, with the thickness you want for the glass and a glass material (not like my image here.

Then place curved complex profile walls in plan.




Or do what ever you did to get the grey infill panels in your image.



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