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Very Large Empty File (65MB)


Hi all, 


I have a file size that was saved to 200mb and i found that it was unusually large.


I decided to delete everything in the file and save a copy of it, and it came up to be over 60mb


Could anyone help me with understanding why my empty file is so big? and how can i reduce this issue?


If anyone would like to view the file, i have uploaded it to my gdrive: 






Check your Embedded Library. That is the main culprit for inflated files with nothing built.




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@Lingwisyer wrote:

Check your Embedded Library. That is the main culprit for inflated files with nothing built.


I actually downloaded the file and looked at that - it is empty.

I also purged all unused attributes, deleted all but storey 0, deleted views, favourites, layouts and masters, properties and classifications but still the file was over 55MB.


Opening with 'Open & Repair' option said it deleted some problems but still the file is 52MB.


I am at a loss as to what else there can be.



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I had similar problems - for example when creating a template file. Looks like Archicad keeps some data even after all model elements were deleted.

It can be drawings, placed into layouts (when everything is deleted from model space, auto-generated drawings placed into layout can still take space until this drawing was updated or deleted). Probably it can be calculation data - schedules, that already been proceeded once.

Noemi Balogh
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Community Admin

Is it possible you ran into this issue?

Noémi Balogh

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Karl Frost

Hiya - my first instinct was also the Embedded Library but as noted above it is empty.

However I see there are lots of stories in the project - while empty this creates a large "space" for Archicad to think about. I tried deleting all of the sections and elevations (again they are empty but they have to "show" the space) and the file size dropped to 11MB.
In our experience live sections and elevations are notorious for increasing file size (especially Teamwork projects when there are multiple people creating these viewpoints)

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