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Very dissapointed

I've finally had a chance to start working in 13. Put in one door and one window. Both library parts are full of problems. I can't believe they don't check to make sure library parts work with the most basic settings before they ship the product. I have even updated the library and and program and they still have problems. These problems have been there for a few releases. How about getting a program with everythign working before releasing a new version. I hate going through and opening up the parts to find Graphisofts errors and fixing them, only to have them undone in the next version. Come on guys, get some quality control.
Many Thanks, JP

John Peterson, AIA
Dalgliesh Gilpin Paxton Architects
Archicad 7-21 US
PC and iMac

Hmmm... It would help if you identified the problems....
Intel i7-6700@3.4GHz 16g

GeForce GTX 745 4g

2-HP Pavilion 25xw

Windows 10

Archicad 25 USA Full

Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hi John,

I'm sorry we disappointed you.

I have a few things to add. Graphisoft definitely has quality control and quality assurance teams. The problem is that the US Library has a lot of legacy features and legacy bugs. Since the people who developed them don't work here anymore, we cannot sort out the bugs and the features.
We have a project right now about understanding the US features better - involving American architects. I truly hope we can make a difference for the future.
For AC14 we already made some fixes but in case you know of some definite problems, please let us know about them specifically. We may be able to fix the important issues which bug you the most.

Best regards,
Zsolt Táskai
ArchiCAD Development - GDL Team
AC13, AC14 and upwards...

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