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Hi, need help about view maps...

can someone recall where was post about similar theme? (view map, or about using it), cause browsing for similar theme brings about 40-50 pages of each post that includes title :+) and most of them don't include needed information...

If someone have a spare time for row or two, I would like to ask him/her for brief explain on view map. I use archicad for three-four years and never being interested in that. It almost seemed to me that view map is foreign body in whole archicad... Since I'm working a bit more now, I constantly meet terms or techniques connected to "view map", and would like finally to understand it.
Reading the reference manual is easy, but understanding what they wanted to explain is nearly impossible... Everything is losing sense until someone give me practical example on which I could understand.

So please, anyone?

Laura Yanoviak
The View Map consists of defined Views organized by View Sets. A View Set is a named collection of Views, categorized by purpose. Views are comparable to "Viewports" in AutoCAD. Each View represents a Viewpoint (from the Project Map) defined by a Layer Combination, Model View Option, Drawing Scale and Zoom area. A View is ultimately imported to the Layout Book and placed as a Drawing. Multiple Views can have a single Viewpoint as a source (for instance, Floor Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Finish Plans, Enlarged Plans all generated from a single Story).
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The View Map is the basis for creating construction documentation in Archicad.

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