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Visibility of elements showing on ALL levels...Instead of JUST on Relative story.

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I have Railings that are appearing on upper floors which should not be showing.
Tried changing pen settings so it appears as hidden line (as railing is one story up). But it has no effect..?

The hidden line railing shows correctly - i.e. when cut at 1100mm cut plane - railings above appear s dotted.

However, the other railing set should not be showing at all or at least - ALL shown as dotted.

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The same Problem happens with Walls which have a below ground of -200mm and so AC is placing them on below ground level . (naturally)

Anyway of having these appear at Ground Floor ONLY ? Despite being drawn from -200mm below ground, up to first floor level at 3.6m ? I would like to maintain the -300mm below ground as part of the same ground to first floor level wall. I want it shoing on the grd floor plan.

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