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Wall and Floor Framing with Curtain Wall: Tip


Hi, I've been playing around with the curtain wall tool for wall and floor framing. It's probably obvious to some, but some newer users might benefit.


Using the boundary method on a floor plan, you can easily create a horizontal curtain wall that can be your floor framing. Once the scheme is set up (and saved as a favorite), you can frame a whole floor, including stair openings in literally seconds. In my area, we extensively use I-joists for framing with LVL or LSL for rim joists. Any rectangular members can be easily created with the CW's built-in frames. For the I-joists, you just create a complex profile and use that in the curtain wall. Normally, I have a single I-joist profile that I stretch for different sizes. Note that offset modifiers don't work in curtain wall, so you'll have to have a distinct profile for each size of I-joist. You can set custom frame classes for rim joist and floor joist. Set the scheme pattern to your desired joist spacing (you can easily modify any time.) I set the scheme to be something like 50' (15 m) long so I don't get any intermediate frames. However, you could add a "blocking" custom frame if you wish.




Floor Framing_CW settings.jpg


Floor Framing.jpg


When using curtain wall for wall framing, it works really well when creating separate frame classes for each member type (I've got blocking, lintel/header, bottom plates, top plates, cap plates, studs, cripple studs, jack studs). Careful control of the intersection priorities of each class makes for very clean intersections. I was having a bit of trouble with lintels, so the one in the image is actually a separate beam.





Wall Framing_CW settings.jpg


Hope this is helpful to someone. How else do you use the curtain wall tool?

ArchiCAD 25-4013; Windows 10; Intel i5-3570K; 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 960

Thanks Eric. Attached are the settings that I use for my sketch renderings. Here, I'm using a green pen (RGB: 52,103,103). I find this is less stark than using black. Though a dark grey or dark blue work well too (with lower saturation, in the 75-80 range)


On Windows 10, I use the Snip & Sketch tool to grab the screen shots (Snipping Tool in Windows 11). I think you use Mac though?


sketch settings.jpg
ArchiCAD 25-4013; Windows 10; Intel i5-3570K; 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 960

Thanks @Jere  - I used your screenshot to reproduce the Tech Pencil settings you're using. It works nicely. Thanks for posting the detailed info!
BTW yes I am on Mac and use Snagit as my screen capture tool most of the time.

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