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Wall under stair

I know this is a common thing. How do you build a wall under a stair so the top of the wall slopes with the bottom of the stair?

Then what is the easy way to pull the stair out to cover the wall without pulling out every tread and riser?
Todd Oeftger
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extend past stairs / add a roof plane(on invisible layer )/ trim to roof / hide roof plane or
extend wall / turn to morph / adust to stair slope
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Barry Kelly
Are you using the stair tool (21 &22)?
If so you can use Solid Element Operations to trim your wall (won't show in plan of course).
And if you select the 'Boundary' of the stair in plan or 3D you can adjust the shape of the stair - or just adjust the width of the stair flight in the settings maybe?


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R Muller
Here's a stair I recently created with a skirt wall. The wall is a panel placed at the bottom of the railing. I set the elevation of the panel element from -3" to -11'. The bottom of the panel goes into the ground; I could use SEO to trim it if I needed to.

I had to cheat on the texture to keep it vertical, as the panel texture of a rail object follows the slope of the rail (see the white diagram). I created a copy of the surface texture and gave it a slope to counteract the slope of the stair. I applied this texture (in edit mode) to only the sloped segments of the rail.
R Muller
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