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Walls and Columns Junction Order

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I have drawn a wall, and modelled in some of the studs with columns.

When I look at this in section view. The studs (columns) show up.

There doesn't seem to be a junction order setting for the columns.

The only way I see to do this, is if I change all the columns to beams and update the junction order. there a way to change the way the columns display? without having to draw a fill over top of them on section view?


So you want to have studs for 3d views, but not have them appear in your sections? You could set your studs to a separate layer and toggle that layer off for your sections.

There is no Junction Order setting for columns as they do not "intersect" with other columns, they are only involved in Intersection Priority calculations. Do you have an issue with them showing up through your wall? Or as you brought up the beams and columns, are they clipping your beams and columns? For the second, can you just change the Building Material of your studs to one with a lower Intersection Priority?

Can you post some images of your issue?


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