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Window/Door Geometry Brep

The way I understand the window/door component it uses a gdl Element from my Archicad Library and thus the dimensions etc. are set in the settings dialogue in Archicad. Is there any way to extract the bounding box or rough dimensions of the opening (e.g. width and height) easily so that i can use it for a facade script in GH? I would like to cull points in GH that are inside of the bounding box of the opening. Basically I want to create a relief on a facade that is not covering my windows. And I am not working with the curtainwall/facade tool in Archicad for various reasons.
I know that there is a Brep that i can extract from the window object in GH but that is invalid/null everytime
I am fairly novice to the AC/GH connection but have experience in ArchiCAD and GH each, so now I am trying to bring the strings together, so hopefully the question is understandable.
WIN 10 Pro // AC 23 3003 // Xeon E3-1505M v6 // 32GB RAM // Intel HD Graphics P630 // NVidia Quadro M2200

So apparently this didn't work as the window was set to be simple opening. Hence the Brep that I can generate from the library object is always the full gdl geometry (e.g. window pane, etc.) and not the rough dimensions (as in width x depth x height) So I projected the brep on a xz-plane on the reference line of the wall and then extruded it again (which seems like a work-around) to actually have the dimensions of the opening. (and not the physical window and its elements). It sounds a bit clumsy and maybe there is a better solution how to achieve this.
WIN 10 Pro // AC 23 3003 // Xeon E3-1505M v6 // 32GB RAM // Intel HD Graphics P630 // NVidia Quadro M2200

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