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Window subtract rough wall dimension


I'm attempting to get an information of 'Rough width' out of the external windows and wonder if it is possible to achieve.


At doors we're able to achieve the following result:



Final dimension: the door panel dimension

Finished dimension: the finished wall's dimension

Rough dimension: the dimension between the bricks themselves, without finish/cladding




In external windows, we have the following:


In order to achieve such result, I'd need to "enlarge" the cladding layer, so there's a gap between the window frame and the rough wall bricks.




I tried to tinker with the window configurations without success. Setting additional dimensions to the opening gave me gaps between the window and the wall:





Anyone could give me directions to handle this?


Thanks in advance!


Architect / BIM Manager at Ideia1 -
Archicad 24 / Windows 10 64

Rajesh Patil

Are you expecting this results on your 2D/3D documents or just labeling via classification properties will do?

Rajesh Patil
AC 09-25 | INT | WIN10 64
Dell Inspiron 7591, Core i9, 9880H 2.30GHz, 16.0GB, NVidia GeForce GTX1650, 4.0GB, SSD Internal 500GB, Dell SSD External 250GB


We've been using properties and labels to get this information. But the intention here is to obtain that result in our documents indeed. We generally deal with 'Masonry Projects' from other firms, and having the rough wall showing correctly would improve the accuracy in the process.

Architect / BIM Manager at Ideia1 -
Archicad 24 / Windows 10 64

If it is for 2D documentation we have a window/door marker that gives the option to add hotspots that sit at the required 'gap', so that you can add dimension lines to these.


For 3D representation, you might have to model the trim seperately and play with oversize settings for the window and / or the reveal options.


You can also put a window opening on top of the window and add the trim to that.


These are all workarounds and it would be nice if there is a proper way to deal with spacing needed to be able to install window frames on site.

Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

ArchiCAD 9-24 NED FULL
Windows 10 Pro
Adobe Design Premium CS5

Erwin, the marker workaround should help!

Still would be nicer to have the gap actually reducing the rough wall representation, so the masonry blocks can conform exactly to the Archicad walls. We'll stick to our property method for now and give the window marker gap a try.

Thanks! 🙂

Architect / BIM Manager at Ideia1 -
Archicad 24 / Windows 10 64

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