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Window tags and renovation filters

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Has anyone else had this strange little problem? When I'm working on a renovation project and am using demolition and new phases in the model, my demolition and new plan views look fine when I simply look at them as views. But when I place a drawing from these views, window tags from the wrong phase sometimes show up. For example, the proposed floor plan will show window tags (not the actual windows) from demolished windows, which aren't visible when I look directly at the saved view, only when I look at the drawing on a layout. It's not every demolished window; it seems random. I figured out a workaround by turning off the marker for each window (rather than just letting the renovation filter hide them), but now I'm having the converse problem where new window tags are showing up on demolition plans, and I obviously don't want to turn off the window tags on those windows.

Molly Bachelor,

In the door/window selections settings under Tags and Categories there is a "Show on Renovation Filter" setting. These settings are necessary to illustrate things correctly in floor plan.

Set up your demo door/window to show on "Demolition Plan" and your New door/window to "Planned Status".

Now you wont get demo doors/windows markers showing up in your proposed plans and you can keep your markers in the demo plan.

Note that these new/demo elements will only show up in the renovation filter you select, even in 3D.

Hope this helps!
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