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World Coordinate Dimensions 22 Object

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Is there a way to get the "World Coordinate Dimensions 22" object to show decimal degrees and not degrees,minutes,seconds?

It is set to show decimal degrees in my project location but the object still appears as degrees,minutes,seconds.

Looking at the parameter script they're actually working off the decimal value to generate the minutes and seconds:
if GLOB_MODPAR_NAME = "iCoorSystem" or GLOB_MODPAR_NAME = "strCoorSystem" then
	if iCoorSystem = WORLD_COOR_PROJ or strCoorSystem = strCoorSystem_strings[2] then
		iLatitudeDegree = int(GLOB_PROJECT_LATITUDE)
		iLatitudeMinute = int(fra(GLOB_PROJECT_LATITUDE)*60)
		rLatitudeSecond = (GLOB_PROJECT_LATITUDE - iLatitudeDegree - iLatitudeMinute/60)*60*60
		iLongitudeDegree = int(GLOB_PROJECT_LONGITUDE)
		iLongitudeMinute = int(fra(GLOB_PROJECT_LONGITUDE)*60)
		rLongitudeSecond = (GLOB_PROJECT_LONGITUDE - iLongitudeDegree - iLongitudeMinute/60)*60*60

		parameters 	iLatitudeDegree = iLatitudeDegree,
					iLatitudeMinute = iLatitudeMinute,
					rLatitudeSecond = rLatitudeSecond,
					iLongitudeDegree = iLongitudeDegree,
					iLongitudeMinute = iLongitudeMinute,
					rLongitudeSecond = rLongitudeSecond,
					elevWorldCoor = elevWorldCoor
GLOB_PROJECT_LATITUDE is a GDL global (one for longitude too).

I see no option to pick decimals, but it might not be too hard to make your own part that just shows the decimal value of where you put down the object in relation to what you set up for the project to be value for origin.
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

ArchiCAD 9-24 NED FULL
Windows 10 Pro
Adobe Design Premium CS5

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Thanks Erwin, will look into this.

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