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Zoning stamp not synking

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Hello guys,

Im currently working with zones on top of a xref dwg.

Something which is absolutely completely making me insane is that the zone stamps info categories and appearance in the drawing does not update when I change the options in the zone pallet under document elements.
Why is the stamps not updating accordingly to my orders in the settings for the whole zone its very much frustrating.

Have a look on below picture which shows how i want the stamps to look and how they are displaying in the drawing.

Cheers for any help.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 21.33.35.png

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Barry Kelly
The dialogue you show in your screen shot is for the default setup of a zone.
I just tried and for some reason the setting of the zone stamp parameters in there seems to have no affect on the new zone you are creating - not sure why.
I assume that these should be set as the default values but they are not.

You want to go into the zone stamp settings - with you zone stamp selected open the settings dialogue (CTRL+T)
Then you can change the settings for that selected stamp.
You will also need to set the 'Default' settings for the zone tool.
Then best way to do that is to ALT-click on the zone stamp you just altered.
Or just open the zone settings dialogue without a zone stamp selected and make the changes you want.

Save a favourite for it so it is easy to go back to those settings if ever you change the defaults again.


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