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Keyboard toggle for morph pet palette

"f" on the keyboard will ususally toggle through the options on a pet palette, but this seems to be disabled for morphs. This means that when you select a morph surface and mouse over to the pet pallette to select an operation, the morph goes through...

can you model this ?

I am trying to model an icosahedron and can't get the walls to clean up properly. copy and paste all of waht is below into your browser to see a .pdf:*TPtrSQGHNGLirA or this to download a .pln copy and paste thi...

Tracker input- feet vs inches

If project preferences are set to inches, how can I get the tracker to accept feet. Or can I. Have been avoiding the issue for a while and just converting, but it seems one should be able to input values either in feet and inches or just straight inc...

Thermal conductivity reference

Anybody know where I can find a good reference for the thermal conductivity, density and heat storage capacity for various materials. I know some are included in the catalog in the energy simulator, but would like some additional materials. For examp...

City Locations

Where do I add City locations in AC 16. I can edit through Energy simulator, or project location in Attribute MGR., or project preferences, but nowhere can I add a City. Thanks.

What happened to the 3d progress window?

I noticed that in AC16 the 3d progress window says only "Phase 1" instead of "Phase 1 of x" as before, and does not show any estimated time. Also the progress bar goes back and forth not giving any true indiction of progress. What happened?

ArchiCAD 16 Hotfix-1 (build 3014) released

We have released Hotfix-1 (build 3014) for ArchiCAD 16. The primary reason for releasing this Hotfix is a crash that occurs fairly frequently when launching a second instance of ArchiCAD 16. Besides this, there are a couple of zone calculation-relate...

Kitchen Layout 16

Kitchen Layout 16 Have to say this library part is an amazing new tool for conceptual layouts. So simple to adjust kitchen to suit ever changing ideas. Takes 5 second to figure out and a great time saver. More library parts like this please. Maybe a ...

rjwilden by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Cutting through a story horizontally in 3D view

How do I cut through and view a 2nd story and view the whole model at this cut and below in 3D model view? So what I want to see is the 2nd story floor layout from above with all lower stories modeling. I used the marquee tool to view each story in l...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies

Cannot delete a library part placed in plan

I have some cabinets placed on a story and they are greyed out so I cannot edit or delete if need be...? What setting do I need to change or where do I look to locate them so they are editable? Using ArchiCAD v.12

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 14 replies

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