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folding doors

I am looking for an object that can create a folding door as opposed to a pocket door (commercial example is for a nanawall ) Is there one in AC11 that I am missing. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Peter

Why the *&^%^ don't my tif's print...

I am tired of scanning design sketches and importing into models and layouts only to have them NOT PRINT... Sorry for the outburst, but something has to give... I can't keep wasting my time with this. I can see the scan fine on plan... just prints NO...

wall fill at window

Why does wall fill change at window like shown? This is a composite wall with core fill pen #2, but fill changes to pen#3 at window. Version is AC12, but window is from AC10 library (because AC12 windows are too screwed up to deal with!) Bug?

window & door priority?

Do windows & doors have a priority setting hidden somewhere? I notice that my windows have their own mind as to which skin they consider the most exterior skin of a composite wall - not necessarily the skin I would prefer. I am thinking that a priori...

how to correctly model a clad window?

Is there a way to correctly model a metal or vinyl clad window and its relation to exterior casing? I want the casing to wrap around the protruding sides of the clad frame, rafter than in front of it. Is this possible with windows from libraries of A...

Dormer Windows..

Hiya, I am trying to add extra vertical mullions to a window in a 'dormer pitched skylight' but at the moment the settings only allow me to add horizontal ones. I am using ArchiCAD10.. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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auto join together of wall

i know archicad is very intelligent that it connect walls automatically when they meet together. what if i want to put them together but without this connecting function? i'm making a corner wall, but i don't want them to join together

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Global Text default

Is there anyplace in AC 12 I can set default text style for all placed text? I've been having a problem with ArchiTEXT font not showing up on PDF if I Publish-Save. So this is the work around I've come up with. I've deleted the font from the Windows-...

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