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Creating a GSM from lines

how do i create a 2d gsm from lines of the object. i have done this before using marquis around lines in plan but not working for me now. What is up? thanks dean

Command for mouse wheel click? no draging =(

Hi, I am a recent switcher to mac and while at it i bought a logitech MX620 lazer mouse but after installing the drivers for it, which was a good choice, the scroll wheel click does not let me drag my workspace, the usual deal im used to after workin...

Doors and Windows show in 3-D but not in plan.

Archicad 11 - I checked and corrected the Cut Line. I removed a double wall. I even removed the floor slab to make sure it was not blocking or hiding the door. When you put a new door or window in a wall, it shows up below the wall. When you correct ...

New to ArchiCAD Trouble with Storeys

Hi all, Doing a project for school. But I'm having serious trouble doing it The building I'm modelling is Tadao Ando's Church of the Light. The buildings starts at one end with it being on ground level then steps down to being 1100mm under. I've trie...

Jack Fan by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Programmed Keypad for Shortcut keys, mostly for Mac (Long)

A long article where I describe several options for a programmable shortcut keypad. THE PROBLEM I've researched programmable keypads for ArchiCAD on the Mac. Using keyboard commands is a whole lot better than using the drop-down menus, but it still r...

MHMartin by Newcomer
  • 0 replies

Latest hot fix leaves a bug

I had hoped that this quite serious bug would have been addressed in the lates hot fix: I rely on the 'tracker', rather than the coordinates box - but it still has a habit of peremptorily switching itself off. The result: my first 'drag' action works...

D openings not showing up in Elevation

I was getting inconsistent results with the "D SemiArch Opening 10" some time ago and had assumed I was doing something wrong at the time. Now, after further exploration, it seems that four out of the six D Openings (Arch, SemiArch, Horseshoe and Oge...

vistasp by Advocate
  • 16 replies

ArchiCAD 11 Hotfix-1210

We have found a serious bug in the Interactive Schedule Add-On that may cause incorrect values in zone schedules. To fix this, we have released today Hotfix-1210, which replaces the Interactive Schedule Add-On. Hotfix-1210 is unusual in the way that ...

gkmethy by Graphisoft
  • 45 replies

Demensioning problem

Ok, on my project I have to give the demensions on certain parts of a detail. But on some places on the wall detail, nothing happens. I will select the two points and ok it and select where I want the text. It will work on some places but do absolute...

XGrid Distributed Processing

We're a 6-person office considering OSX Server (rather than regular-vanilla file serving from an older G5 tower). In addition to being able to share iCal and have an office Wiki (presumably) easily hosted, the allure of XGrid is enticing. From everyt...

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