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ramp roof

hi i've got question. how i can create roof above ramp. this ramp is used by cars. shape of roof should be arched. how do it in archicad 10 or 9. can anybody help me?

j0asia by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

creating stacked walls

I need a wall which comprises 270mm cavity brick upto about 1000, and 110mm stucco wall above it. It doesn't apply to all walls. What is the easiest way to create this? (I can do it by creating storeys at the 1000mm mark but is seems very complicated...

KeesW by Contributor
  • 8 replies

Contour lines in Window Openings

I suspect I'm missing something simple, but am finding when I insert a window in a wall, I have a choice of : a) setting the wall contours to 0 (none), so that I don't see the outline of the wall below the sill, but then I don't get the end lines of ...

New Forum Section for Constructor??

Hello All, I heard a wild and impossible rumor that a GS Constructor section would be added to the forums. Is there any truth to this? If so, when and where? Although I do like the GS software, a persistant complaint of mine is poor communication bet...

Riff by Newcomer
  • 8 replies

Window opacity in Elevations

I have a plan which I started in AC9 some time ago, and all of the windows are opaque in the elevations (and in the 3d window), which is how we like to display them on all projects. Somewhere along the way I lost the settings that kept them that way....

siteline by Newcomer
  • 7 replies

Reshaping Zones

We have serveral zones in a file that we need to reshape and I cannot get the corner handles to appear or grab the side of the zone. When we originally inserted the zones we were able to reshape them at these points. Is there a preference or zone set...

How do you transfer custom Profiles from one file to another

I have created a series of custom profiled walls using the Complex Profile Tool. I saved each in my favorites list as walls, and saved the entire Favorites List to my desktop. When I open a totally new project and load my Favorites list to the new pr...

goose724 by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

Copying Window Parameters....except type and size?!

I have set up a window with all of the right frame and sash dims, materials, pens, etc. I want to copy these atributes to another window but using the eyedropper and syringe changes the new window to an exact copy of the other window. Is there a way ...

M Clark by Newcomer
  • 12 replies

!Restored: MacPro or Vista for AC!

Seriously I need information what kind of hardware is the right way specially for AC. MacPro with Intel Xeon is cheaper than Dell with Xeon. That means, Apple workstation is cheaper than Dell workstation. That means, Mac OS is cheaper than Vista rega...