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Template Migration AC21

Team - Good morning. Need some peer advice on the best way to rebuild my ArchiCAD template. Been using the same one that i bought from Eric Bobrow back in AC13 and migrating it forward with each new version. Starting to rebuild it from scratch with t...

curtain wall junction

Hi guys, i was watching the 2018 ARCHICAD 22 World Premiere video, in the end there was a modelling of the Pompidou center, they used this morph geometry in a curtain wall jundction, how do they define the origin of the element so it can be correctly...

Closure at head of window

I'm probably missing something obvious. The standard windows (Archicad 22, Windows) have settings for the wall closure at either side which works pretty well. What I can't see is any setting for the closure at the window head. I'm not expecting it to...

curtain wall in grasshopper

Hi Guys, So, i guess Archicad suffers from a HUGE LACK of tutorials in terme of complex and correct modelling, i saw this two buildings in the archicad Conference and wondered how they did model it using grasshopper and curtain wall i use grasshopper...

continious crashes

Hi mates , i'm using the Archicad GH connection since 1 month, every day i encounter several crashes when i try to exchange data between GH and Archicad, ( when working on GH only all is fine) I have all archicad updates installed and latest GH conne...


Good evening, Archicad 22 USA 5009 See attached image, checking to see if anyone is having this problem with the pocket door. When the true line weight is on the inner pocket lines are very thick, and I have tried all settings within the pocket door....

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ArchiCAD to SolidWorks (NURBS)

What is the best way to get an ArchiCAD model into SolidWorks as clean and ready to use surfaces (NURBS)?;) Is the best route to export first to 3dm Rhino as surfaces, then export from Rhino to SolidWorks?

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Resolved! Unclear script of project2{4}

Hi everyone, I was investigating project2{4} using the downloadable example supplied by Graphisoft in this page. So by simple editing of the original script for i = 1 to iCutPlanes put cutElevation + (i-1) * sliceHeight next i for i = 0 to iCutPlanes...

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