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Font Problems in Archicad & Plotmaker 9.0 on Mac

We are having problems with the Font Type we use for our office logo/title box in both Archicad & Plotmaker 9.0. The font used is Solex and is a Postscript Type 1 font. For some reason Archicad & Plotmaker 9.0 does not recognise the spaces between wo...

dimensioning error

Occasionally, I get an error in dimension strings. For some reason dimension strings will read just a bit under or over what I've modeled. I've included a screen print of the problem. The wall was modeled as a 40'-1" wall. I put in windows and doors ...

Right click palette

Is there any way to customize the command selection in the menu box you get when you right click on an object?

Corner window object - V9

Greetings, anyone having problems with the corner window object in version 9? I have several placed when I modify a specific wall in height it gives me a pop-up message that it cannot use this specific library part in a trapezoidal wall and then brea...

importing keyboard shortcuts

Is there a way to import my ArchiCAD v8 keyboard shortcuts into ArchiCAD v9? I can not find my old (v8) keyboard shortcuts. Where would they be located? BTW As a test of the Import feature I created a new Shortcut Scheme (using v9). Each time I try t...

Dashed Headers On Floor Plan

I have a header above a large opening. I can construct this either by using an empty door opening, or (as I have chosen) by placing a wall with it's bottom edge at 8'-0". The problem is that if I want to show this with dashed lines on the floor plan,...

Layer names

Are the layers names a function of the user preference profile. I opened a new project and realized all the layer names had an "A" in front of them. Autocad Architectural desktop does it this way; I couldn't wait to get rid of it. Any way to eliminat...

[upFront.eZine]Constructor/Estimator + Autodesk IFC (!?!)

In the current upFront.eZine (a quality CAD-mailing-list) there is an article on the new Graphisoft Constructor & Estimator programs. But there is also a very unfortunate error: Graphisoft is looking for a grow...

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