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8.1 Web Publishing tip

Publishing a project from a Mac (OS X) AC 8 to the internet is a problem. There is a known bug (The problem is with the code that is responsible for the communication with the FTP server, and the exact problem is that the upload is done in ASCII mode...

rborden by Newcomer
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San Diego Firestorm 2003

As far as I know: Fire started when a Hunter lit a signal fire so that his buddies could find him. This was in the back woods area of Ramona, from there the Santa Ana (50 MPH winds + ) pushed the fire all across the back country into various resident...

Intersection Groups

My Intersection Group setting in the layer dialog will not save. When I reopen ArchiCAD all the layers are reset to Intersection group "1". I have installed build 6392 which I read was supposted to fix the problem but still no luck. Any ideas? Thank ...

WIBU Drivers

For those on OSX, there is a new version of the WIBU key to try out - 4.0.0a available at WIBU's site. I'm using it on 10.3 client connected to a 10.2.8 server still running the 3.3.1 version of the WIBU key. All seems to be fine.

MarkG by Newcomer
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[hint] PM 3.1 - Numbering Drawings with the NCS standard

Thought I would post this rather obvious hint, but it may be useful to others. The default way that the new Plotmaker auto-numbers drawings is similar to how it does sheets - the order the drawings are placed in the list as seen in the Navigator dete...

MarkG by Newcomer
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Elevator library part

I'm a newbie to AC from Vectorworks. I was wondering how to create or use the elevator part so that its door breaks my wall like other window and doors. I don't want to use the wall option. By the way great job on the forum . I did not join architalk...

Ola by Newcomer
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Dear Talkers, PLEASE follow the Etiquette: - use the username known from the old Talk or your real name - put your location in the Profile; in the case of US locations, please put also US at the end - if you want to change your username, contact the ...

Djordje by Contributor
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Roof Surfacer AC 7

When I anoint the roof on both sides of a ridge with the standing seam--AC 7 Library_Add on Library_Roof accessory_roof_surfacer, I'm unable to convince the patterns to line up, i.e. "mirror". Is there a fix-it that anyone has discovered? Thanks, Wal...


Dear Archi-Talkers, Welcome to the renewed discussion forum of the ArchiCAD user community. As default structure for the new forum we created the following main categories: - General Discussions: here you can share your opinion with other users about...