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Resolved! Door settings question

How do I change the orange color of the door? I searched through the settings and tried to change some of the cut surface colors but the color doesn't change.

anto_bg by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Wall corners display incomplete

First, how does one post a pln or zip file to so you guys can see my issues? Both methods yield invalid file type or File too large. Seriously! The pln is 9723 KB (TINY) in my book. Anyway, as a go through the Intermediate course from GS. Somewhere a...

MrScott by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

saved files automatically changing the dimensions

When I place dimensions I also make sure that all of the measurements are whole numbers without fractions. When I open the saved file later, different components (walls, etc) have been moved up to an inch automatically. So far this has happened in at...

panther problem

I can not use a keyboard shortcut to Drag a Copy. It works fine from the menu, but not Option, Apple+D. I can change it to Option, Apple,+Q for instance but not the default. Anyone else experiencing this in AC7.0r3.

22 - DOOR PANELS not Working

Anyone else having problems with door panels currently using an upgraded 21 file in 22. The door panels appear as per selected in 3d, but appear different in schedules

Security Shutters

I'm looking for some kind of security shutters for windows/doors, like this: Anything like this for ArchiCAD?

Priority based connections wall + slanted wall

Hi, I am having trouble utilizing connection between two walls. As you can see in the picture I managed to create connection between two walls if there are connected via reference line. However, when I need it to intersect with the wall parallel to i...

Project Info

Hello, is it possible to get the value of project info other than straight to text2 commands? Thanks

JGoode by Participant
  • 2 replies

Interior Wall Height

To make wall ends properly, the "Top offset to top linked story" has to be correct. Correct in my case equals top of composite slab that I use for the floor above minus the thickness of the composite slab. Only then will the wall end be cut where it'...