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Resolved! Active linking partial model to another AC file

I'd like to know if its possible to have part of another AC model linked into another totally separate AC file? I'd like to be able to have two instances open of AC with two separate files open, one master file and another with a model that's linked ...

Curtain Wall Pattern falls apart

I'm using curtain wall to make a decorative tile band. I've created a system, and apply it to a curtain wall, and its OK. But when I try to adjust the start point in the curtain wall, panel divisions disappear, and the pattern falls apart. Any ideas?...

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Twisted & Rotated Bridge Frame Design

ARCHICAD Speed Modeling welcomes you all to 2019 ! Hope you are excited I certainly am. The first tutorial for 2019 is ready to be viewed. It's about a twisted and rotated Bridge Frame Design. New this year is, you get to choose from 2 different tuto...

Morph to GDL Object fill issues

Hello all, I'm trying to create some custom objects via the morph tool and save them as GDL objects, however, it seems that no matter what settings I have I cannot get it to appear other than wireframe as a GDL object. Looks perfect in plan as a morp...

Resolved! Zone Label will not display on plan

I have two instances of AC22 open. Each has a different plan. One new Plan A that I create a Zone and it displays just fine. In the other Plan B is an WIP plan where I want to use the same zone stamp so, here are my steps to create. 1) Imported the Z...

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Offset / Single Vent Sliding Window

Is there a way to make an offset slider window? IE rather that the fixed and sliding portion be in the middle, the fixed portion is twice the size of the sliding panel?

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Grasshopper Installation failure with archicad 22 EDU

Goodmorning everyone! I am a student that use the student license on Archicad 22. When trying to install the Grasshopper archicad connection an error messagge appears about the impossibility to find Archicad 22 itself ( as you can see in the images a...

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Favorites Parameters / Element Transfer Settings

Hi all, I'm a bit confused with the Favorites Parameters. Has this been replaced by Element Transfer Settings? I find a lot of Help pages like this: this:

Architects: Revit or ArchiCad?

Archicad offers flexible working & adaptable tools from a company that cares about its users. Revit - If you are happy supporting greedy corporations. Seriously, you should try both before you make a choice, but a grounding in Archicad won't hurt.

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