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"Align Elements" command not found in Edit menu

I am unable to see this under the Edit menu. When I go into the Options/Working Environment/Menus I can see that it is under the Edit menu, but for some reason it is unavailable to me while working. I suspect I am missing something simple and would a...

Window jamb/skin not returning into jamb at right location

Hi. I can't seem to get the window "skin" (using custom closure) to return at the right location in plan. As drywall, it should turn in on the outside face of the framing. Instead it bites into the framing space. See attached image. Red line is where...

Trapziod Window Casing Issue

I am having issue with AC19 window setting. I don't get why many special windows do not have gauge on sides but bottom only. I am sick of dealing with this odd Casing that stretch out way too much and no gauge in center. I'm giving an example of phot...

cadpg by Newcomer
  • 16 replies

Tracker - peristent relative coordinates

This is something that has bothered me for a long time and also in previous versions of Archicad: 1. I moved whole plan closer to origins 2. set user origin = global origin 3. coordinates in "Coordinates" palettes are ok (see bottom of image) 4. coor...

Archicad 21 aus template

Sorry guys. I've been trying to use it but it produces truly awful drawings and I hate it. I had my own template that worked until about version 19 when Graphisoft started to make so many basic changes that it seemed worthwhile trying to use that sup...

KeesW by Contributor
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Viewmap model showing up in different window

Hi, When I go to click on a layout in the View Map it goes into a separate window to Archicad, if I go to close the separate window it goes to shut the whole program down. Any ideas? Thanks Naomi

ngoldie by Newcomer
  • 10 replies

Size of Window with Sill

Hi! We are having a problem when we turn on the window sills. If I enable a 5" window sill, the window stays the same size, but the sill makes the transparent area 5" smaller. (Please see the attached screenshot.) But this makes it wrong on elevation...

Connection roof and wall

Dear ArchiCAD Users, When I use the trim method or SEO method to connect my walls and my roof, they connect but in the wrong way. As you can see in the attached image, the roof is still visible through the wall. I'd like to only see the wall instead ...

linked drawings dwg

Hello Some dwg links i have keep breaking, i get a ? to be checked, and when I check it says the external project not accessible..., source file.....,bim/cloud..... At certain times i can relink it, but somehow it keeps breaking. all files are set o ...

Foti by Newcomer
  • 12 replies